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Business continuity for every eventuality 

Developing a proper disaster recovery plan is quite a challenging task for any type of organization. Unexpected events that disrupt normal business activity can have a major impact on operations, staff and customers and restoring it can be a really arduous task. Having in place a comprehensive plan to deal with such events is a vital part of effective management.
With Digicel Disaster Recovery, IT personnel are no longer required to physically transport backups or begin their DR recovery process by manually rebuilding servers and loading backup files. The data and applications are stored, mirrored off-site, and server recovery is managed completely by Digicel Business.
  • Protect against natural disaster, power loss, human error or equipment failure
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy to use
  • Agility and scalability
  • Fast implementation
  • No hardware requirements
  • Leverage existing IT applications
  • 24/7 helpdesk provides vital continuous support

Ensure that your company’s assets are protected with Digicel Disaster Recovery. Contact Us to find out how.