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Hosted PBX systems is a very simple concept. Instead of having the telephone hardware in your office, it’s hosted through Digicel Business. This means the customer does not need to buy or install PBX equipment


  • Eliminates the need to manage or pay for on-site hardware maintenance.
  • Allows a single number to be presented for the entire company, despite being geographically distributed.
  • Better call volume. By operating through a larger service, you have the benefits of greater speed and efficiency than on a local PBX system.
  • Increased productivity. Calls can be routed, managed and logged in a variety of ways, lessening the chances of missed calls and lost business.
  • Allows scalability, a larger system is not needed if new employees are hired, or resources are not wasted if employees are reduced.
  • Supports integration with CUG and with billing and accounting (where calls made on a private line but on the company's behalf are billed centrally to the company).

hosted pabx