There are three types of plans :


Run your business the way you want to, with the freedom of a cordless phone or fully featured desktop phone.


All the functionality of a traditional PBX phone system, with some innovative features to improve your business.


Future-proof your communications with the benchmark in IP phones, for performance and innovation.


Put yourself in control of your business communications, with an NBN-ready phone and features that mean you will never miss a call. Plus, you’ll get scalability without the upfront investment of a traditional phone system.

Command a better experience for your customers and free yourself from line rental and contracts.

Smart Benefits:

  • No line rental
  • No Contract option
  • No large upfront cost
  • NBN-Ready phone
  • Digital technology
  • Unlimited standard local & national calls

Your essential tools for doing business smarter with our smart features.

Hunt Group  

Choose how you direct calls to users within a group (first group free).

Simultaneous Ring

All your phones ring at the same time.

Sequential Ring

Your phones ring one after the other, until the call is picked up.


Receive voice messages on your email, webmail or smartphone.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another extension or third party.

Auto Receptionist

Automatically answers and directs calls with personalised menu options (first instance free).