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Hosted phone service that uses your Internet service to make and receive high quality telephone calls.


With the simplicity of Plug and Ring set up, all you need to get started with a Commander Phone service is a high speed internet connection – your monthly plan fee includes your phone rental, so you can simply plug your phone in and you’re ready to make calls.

And because your Commander Phone is NBN-ready, when NBN arrives at your premises we can transition you over without you having to upgrade your equipment.

Setting up your new Commander Phone is easy, but if you’re too busy running your business, we can take care of it for you with our Valet Inspection and Valet Install services.


You can easily customise and manage your phone features and functions at any time from your computer, without the need for a technician or specialist support. But if you do need help with anything to do with your Commander Phone service, support is on hand for you, 24/7.


You will never need to miss an important client call again with a range of smart call management features to help you manage your calls better. Make and receive calls on your mobile, using your office phone number and service, transfers calls to other extensions, set all your phones to ring at once, or one after the other.

You can even let your Auto-Receptionist handle and direct your calls smoothly with personalised menu options, and while your customers are on hold, they can listen to music or your latest specials. If you do happen to miss a call, you can receive voice messages in your email, webmail or on your smart phone – so you can keep on top of things no matter where you are.