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Who is Digicel Business?

Digicel Business is the Pacific’s leading full service business solutions partner delivering value and innovative solutions to customers while helping them to manage cost and improve their efficiency by:

All the while keeping ultimate focus on service levels via a commitment to our partnerships with our customers.



Since Digicel launched in 2001, the company has become one of the fastest growing mobile telecommunications operators. Digicel is today known for its strong commitment to providing its consumers with the Best Value, the Best Service and the Best network. This commitment led the company to later establish Digicel Biz in 2005, which later grew into Digicel Business in 2006.

Digicel Business was established to meet the business demands of organizations such as Government Ministries and Agencies, private and publicly listed companies as well as small and medium size enterprises to provide them with more customized products and services to suit their business needs and help them improve efficiencies across their operations while achieving savings.


Digicel Business offers a wide variety of products and services ranging from Voice, Data, IPBX, Roaming, Closed User Group Service, BlackBerry Solutions, ICT Solutions, plus Business Continuity Solutions from its Certified Data Centre. At Digicel Business, we continue to integrate the best people, the most innovative solutions, the strongest coverage and superior customer service to deliver on our strategy and creating value and growth for companies.

Why we are the right choice

  •   With presence in 32 markets, we have vast experience to understand your needs and provide the right solutions.
  •   Digicel is the largest network provider in the Caribbean and in the South Pacific.
  • 100% of the network infrastructure is Digicel owned & operated
  •   We have superior service levels with metrics driven SLA’s on all customer service contracts
  •  Digicel Business has proven track record of delivering reliable solutions to all business sectors
  •  Digicel Business is widely acknowledged as the leading industry Innovator, deploying the latest technology solutions to enhance the business market efficiencies

Our Approach

As a full service provider our start to finish approach includes: